Comet K-Project – Accepted Research Project

We proudly announce our second accepted research project „Comet K-Project – Alpine Airborne Hydromapping – Research to Practice“. Project start is in summer 2013 and will be finished in 2016.



Intention and Goals

Airborne Hydromapping is a new technology for the very detailed survey of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. This technique was developed within the scope of a research project between the University of Innsbruck and RIEGL (Horn, Lower Austria). This airborne-operated, waterpenetrating laser system is considered as a technical revolution for the comprehensive monitoring of shallow water bodies. It offers a variety of significant technological advantages, and pushes the door wide open to substantially improve our understanding of the complex hydraulic, morphologic and ecologic processes in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Due to its outstanding technical performance and its international uniqueness, this technology has an enormous economic potential. In addition to support the national and international distribution of an Austrian high-tech product, the main intention of the ALPINE AIRBORNE HYDROMAPPING (AAHM) K-project is to strengthen the Austrian sector for specialized survey and engineering services at an important international level. The specific goals are:

  • Research, further development and establishment of data-acquisition procedures, e.g., optimization of survey flights, and data-evaluation strategies required due to the newly achieved data quality and quantity.
  • Supporting the development of Tyrol as a major hub for collecting and evaluating data of European rivers and reservoirs yielding a massive strengthening of Austrian data evaluation and engineering services with international reputation.
  • Improvement of data base for ecohydraulic modeling, development and advancement of habitat modeling in aquatic and semi-terrestrial/terrestrial habitats.